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55 N Church St, Hazleton, PA 18201

55 N Church St, Hazleton, PA 18201

Hazleton Area Public Library is now adding a selection of Blu-ray DVDs to its holdings. Several movie titles are only available on Blu-ray. So when you visit HAPL, be certain to check out our offerings.

Computer Basics
Hazleton Area Public Library staffer Jeffery Wagner will be offering a general program on computer basics for adults on Friday, May 11th at 10:00 in the reference department. Wagner will cover topics such as: distinctions between and usage of computer hardware and software, using an internet browser to navigate the internet, and other helpful hints in using a computer. Reservations are required before Tuesday, May 8th. The program is offered free, but due to limited seating, please contact HAPL’s reference desk at 570-454-2961 to save your seat.

Adult Summer Film Quest
Watch this column for information regarding the start of our adult summer film quest in June. The theme this year is LIBRARIES ROCK, with musicals as the genre.

Teen Time Glow in the Dark
On Tuesday, May 8th, students in grades 7-12 can join us to make a glow in the dark craft. The program runs from 6:00-7:00. Contact the library's Children's Department at 570-454-2961 to sign up.

Youth Volunteers
The Children’s Department of the library is now seeking youth volunteers between the ages of 14 and 17 who are interested in helping with the Summer Quest Program.   Volunteers are scheduled for two hours per week over the course of the summer. Hours can be used toward graduation projects. Teens interested in volunteering should visit the Children’s Department and pick-up an application. For more information, contact the Children’s Department of the Library at 570-454-2961. Applications are due by Monday, June 4th.

Memorial Books
Rethinking school, in memory of Glenn Antolick, from Lee & Marsha Glassberg.

The recipe box, in memory of Grace Banko, from Providence Place.

Unconditional love, in memory of John Benko, from Jean Dougherty.

Backroads of paradise, in memory of Lawrence Casper, from David Ritz.

Notorious RBG, in memory of Sue Ann Childs, from The Bankes Family.

Golf’s Iron Horse, in memory of Theresa DeFalco, from Tina & Tom Sabo.

Crushing it!, in memory of W.A. Deisroth, from Neil Levine.

Harvard Business Review entrepreneur’s handbook, in memory of W.A. Deisroth, from Ruth Swank.

Herding tigers, in memory of W.A. Deisroth, from Barbara & Hans Koenig.

The power of moments, in memory of W.A. Deisroth, from Neil Levine.

Retail’s seismic shift, in memory of W.A. Deisroth, from Frank, Mary & Jodi Antonelli.

Storynomics, in memory of W.A. Deisroth, from Daria H. & Tad Tucker.

The triumph of Christianity, in memory of Emidio Griguoli, from Ricky Morelli.

Without precedent, in memory of Emidio Griguoli, from Joseph Zeller III.

I know how you feel, in memory of Ruth M. James, from Mary Jane, Jayne Ann, & Denise Bugda.

Citizen soldiers, in memory of Leo Kulsa, from HASD Nursing Staff.

Glenn Miller declassified, in memory of Joseph J. Leonard, Sr., from Louise Grzyb.

Fabio’s 30-minute Italian, in memory of Anna Marnell, from Ricky Morelli.

The new pressure cooker cookbook, in memory of Anna Marnell, from Mr. & Mrs. Francis Libonati.

The yes brain, in memory of Elizabeth Matyas, from The Gondells- Mary Ellen, Stephen, JoAnn, Michael & Bernadette.

The less is more garden, in memory of Wilma Jean Reich, from Jim & Anne Caggiano.

Rose Totino, in memory of Jean Helen Schwartz, from Cudwadie Family.

Start here, in memory of Edward Verbonitz, from Deacon Lawrence & Dorothy Foran.

Honor Books
The storytime handbook, in honor of Lorraine Anthony (Retirement), from Hazleton Area Public Library Board of Trustees.

The Family Tree guide to DNA testing and genetic genealogy, in honor of Shirley (Kolb) Gaydos (Birthday), from Lori, Cheryl, Robert Jr., Donna & Christopher.